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Program contents : Classes, units and hourly equivalents.



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UE 901R :

1st Semester Thesis preparation  

Objectives: Bibliographical preparation, identification of methods and creation of a research design.

Content: Present different methods of bibliographical research; study different methods employed in health psychology and psychopathology research.



UE 902R :

Research design and methodology in psychopathology

Objectives: Familiarize students with the  specificity of psychopathology research.

Content: Students will be presented with theory, models, methods and epistemological concerns of research in psychopathology.



UE 903R:

Research design and methodology in health psychology

Objectives: Provide students with information concerning  health psychology.

Content: Students will study theories, models,  methods and epistemological concerns implicated in health psychology.



UE 904 :

Training in research methods 1

Objectives: Theoretical presentation of current research in psychopathology, psychotherapy and health psychology.

Content: Exploration of current, state of the art research in the three targeted domains to provide students with insight into different techniques and methodologies for carrying out research; identification and conceptualization of research questions



UE 905 :

Strategies for scientific publication

Objectives: Communicating research results in English for conferences and written publications.

Content: Communication techniques in English for scientific, institutional and lay populations.



UE 906

Applied  statistics in psychology

Objectives: Training in carrying out and interpreting statistical analyses using quantitative methods.

Content: Applied workshops on carrying out analyses (factorial analyses – exploratory and confirmatory, ANOVA, structural equation analyses, classic and multi-level regression and cluster analyses, longitudinal analyses, effect size calculations, mediation and moderation effects)




UE 1001R :

2nd Semester Thesis preparation

Objectives: Presenting research carried out for the thesis.

Content: Student seminars targeting the identification of themes, difficulties and particularities of individual research projects.



UE 1002 R

Methods and techniques en clinical research

Objectives: Understanding the specificity of applied research methods.

Content: Present different applied research methods and techniques; explore advantages and disadvantages of different methods; examine validity specificity (internal, external, statistical, etc.)



UE 1003:

Training in research methods 2

Objectives: Second part of UE 903; further work on developing individual research projects.

Content: Elaborating appropriate methods for carrying out individual thesis research; choosing tools and methods; analyzing data and interpreting results



UE 1004:

Ethics in mental and physical health research

Objectives: Providing students with theoretical grounding in the ethics behind methods in health research.

Content: Presentation and review of typical methods with particular attention to assuring integrity of research participants. Exploration of different techniques with illustrative examples providing insight into advantages and disadvantages of methods in terms of ethics and acceptability.